[H] Dealing with the fact that I’m a no-skill player

Hello reader.

Well, the latest coaching evolution was to force myself to play without sound. Ever since, things went haywire. I basically can’t win. Lost the ability.

I’m on a losing streak (even lost to a silver player on NA’s Bronze Practice channel) because not only do I try to focus on my macro but when I forget a set of pylons, my macro spirals down quickly and I completely forget how to play the game and what to do.

The problem is not about playing others; the problem is me: I can’t focus, be reactive and be quick at once because I don’t have that skill.

  • I never really needed to focus in my endeavors except when I’m doing a research (and making data webs in my mind).
  • Reaction? Unless I force a reaction, I don’t really react either way.
  • I wish the interface could be changed as one wishes. I’d so put the resource and supply part on the bottom left over the minimap. I don’t have that speed yet.
  • My only skill (and yet it deteriorates when I have to focus on something else) is macroing unpressured. Today’s DT batch from Markus only proved that (I dealt with them but my macro spiraled, right now I can’t detach my brain from “Impending danger: get those DTs outta here now!”).

Just how the hell am I supposed to improve from this stage onwards? And why was I reacting better with sound? Why is the game completely different, seriously? Even 10000 games won’t get me out of this funk when I don’t know how to partition my brain into three, I need pointers. I’m not sure that playing button-mash cycle is that fun, if you were to ask me.

Yeah, I’m QQing and am stressed out on this.


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StarCraft II player, eSports enthusiast.

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  1. Deli, SC is like Golf, you need to train your muscles to react without you thinking about it, muscle memory. Just keep playing so your hands do the macro without you thinking about it.

    I am at a stage where I need to force myself not to make drones, I will see an army push out and I will make drones when the larvae pop, instead of the o so urgent units.

    Just keep playing to get a natural macro rythm without thinking of what strat you are doing. Atleast that worked for me.

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