About me

I am a StarCraft II player, mainly. I happen to play League of Legends, Counter Strike(:Source) and just some other games from time to time.

I am an eSports enthusiast and I won’t hide it.

TheDeli.704 (EU) and TheDeli.441 (NA) are my character info as far as StarCraft II is concerned. I will not disclose what my smurf’s info is, though. I don’t ladder often but I plan on changing that ;D

While I am maining the Protoss race for now, I do plan to ultimately switch to Zerg when I reach a high-enough level on my Random account. However, I keep playing Protoss because it’s the race I have the most ease playing (not that it is easy, it just comes easily to me).

Alternatively, I play basketball.

I will add more info when required (and if necessary).


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